Saturday, February 4, 2017

On the Road to New York and Hong Kong

Last week, I delivered three of Jimmy's paintings to my fabulous friends at ArtServeMN. Bob Lindell and staff have been shipping Jimmy's work for years. Bob is seasoned in the art world and has taught me much over the years. He installs and ships artwork for museums, collectors and artists. I am so proud that he purchased two of Jimmy's pieces and they hang at ArtServeMN. So, lovely.

Jimmy Reagan's "Man of the World."
Jimmy's painting, "Man of the World" 
is heading to Studio 26 East Village 
where it will be processed and sent onto 
Hong Kong with the gallery 
and other artists. This will be 
Jimmy's first showing in Asia. 
We continue to learn as we go. 

Jimmy's painting, "Man with Sad Face" 
has been well traveled after spending 3+ months in Milano, Italy for ArtExpo Milano. He has also graced the cover of TOSCA Magazine. 

Jimmy Reagan's, "Man with Sad"

Jimmy Reagan's, "Girl from France"

 "Man with Sad Face" and "Girl from France" will be part of the AFFORDABLE ART FAIR, CHELSEA in March. Hope that they are well received! 

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