Saturday, June 30, 2018

Check out our new SOCKS!

Check out our new sock line!  

Our socks are “Supima” cotton and are unlike any cotton you’ve ever experienced. By definition, only the top 3% of cotton picked can carry the “Supima” label. Breathable, durable & unbelievably soft. Made in America and our socks are details of Jimmy's paintings, "Man with Sad Face" and "Italian Coast."  #Wearableart!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Summer Sale and Exhibition at Sunfish Cellars June 13th through 16th, 2018

Happy Father's Day!  10% off Ties and Pocket Squares for Father's Day!  Shipping is free!  Stop in this week to Sunfish Cellars for our sale - June 13th 10 to 8pm, June 14th 10 to 8pm, June 15th 10 to 4 and June 16th 10 to 8pm with a wine tasting from 4 to 8pm.  Pre-order our sock online at  Come and see us!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Jimmy Reagan Exhibition and Sale at Sunfish Cellars June 13th through the 16th, 2018

Jimmy Reagan Exhibition and Sale
June 13th through June 16th, 2018 at Sunfish Cellars

"The Storm" 48"x48" Acrylic on Canvas 2018
Join us at the NEW Sunfish Cellars location in Lilydale. We will have original artwork, prints and merchandise! Friday June 15th 10 am to 4PM. Wine Tasting on Saturday, June 16th from 4 to 8pm. Choose a unique gift for Father's Day or Graduation....we've got you covered. Be sure to stop into I Nonni or Buon Giorno for won't be disappointed!
Check out this great piece on Jimmy by Chris Hrapsky from KARE 11-
You can always shop online at  Shipping is always free - including artwork!
Sunfish Cellars -    651-600-5164

Monday, May 21, 2018

KARE11 story on Jimmy today.

Jimmy with Rochelle Letourneau at First Presbyterian South St. Paul 
with Jimmy's paintings "Man of the World" and "van Gogh 2009"
Chris Hrapsky from KARE 11 created a lovely piece on Jimmy that aired tonight.  We really appreciate that Chris took such care to tell the story. Thanks Chris!  Here is a link to the story:

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Great article in the LillieNews South West Review on Artist Jimmy Reagan

Thanks to Hannah Burlingame for her article in the South West Review.  We had a lovely visit with Hannah at the First Presbyterian Church in South St. Paul, MN where Jimmy is currently exhibiting. I had the chance to speak to a group at the church on Sunday. Great questions from the group! 

Artist Jimmy Reagan with his painting "Man with Sad Face" .
The bow tie that Jimmy is wearing is a detail of the buttons on the shirt in his painting.
Our TJE Fashion line is available at , Martin Patrick 3 and at Lotus Jewelry and Gifts at the Mall of America

Jimmy and art curator Rochelle LaTourneau with Jimmy's paintings
"Man of the World" and "van Gogh 2009" 

Jimmy with his paintings
"Girl from France" and "Goodbye Ron"

Friday, April 20, 2018

I'll be taking questions on AMAfeed - #Ask Me Anything Wednesday, April 25th at 6:00PM

Have you always wondered about Jimmy's "Tick Mark"?   What are they?  How
 we use them to create fabrics? I'll be taking questions on the Art & Artist Channel on AMAfeed.  Tune and shoot me some of your questions! 
 Here is a link:  

Monday, April 16, 2018

Join up for our newsletter!

With the update of our new website, we've added a newsletter. Sign up for our newsletter at  In years past, our invitations for events have come through Evite.  We  needed a new format to communicate about exhibitions, events and what's new. Hence, we created a newsletter.  Check it out! Thanks for joining our newsletter!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Getting to know Artist Jimmy Reagan - AMAFeed Ask Me Anything TODAY from 3 to 5pm

Jimmy and company with his painting "Girl with Cork II" at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

I'll be answering question at AMAFeed Ask Me Anything this afternoon between 3 and 5pm March 4th, 2018.

Take a look at this little video and maybe you'll come up with some good questions.

Also, Artful Living Magazine is running a piece called "Inside the Artist Studio: Jimmy Reagan"

Thursday, March 1, 2018

AMA Ask Me Anything! I'll be answering question online #FASHIONAMA

Former NFL Player, Radio and TV personality, Ron Johnson
wearing our TJE "Italian Coast" bow tie and pocket square.

We have an exciting new opportunity!  Checkout 

AMA Ask Me Anything.

I will be hosting a session and will answer questions during #Fashionweek!

Ask Me Anything: Diagnosed with complex autism at age 2 1/2, internationally recognized artist Jimmy Reagan came on the art scene in 2009 at age 14.  Jimmy's painting, "Cafe at Night", was the featured artwork for the University of Minnesota Masonic Childrens WineFest in 2012.  His mom, Peg, took a detail of the painting, printed it on silk and made him a bow tie and a pocket square for the gala. The tie was so popular that she was asked by several people at the event where they could buy the tie.
Ron Johnson looking fabulous signing
autographs at US Bank Stadium before going on TV for
Minnesota Vikings Game Day
This launched our fashion line at TJE. Ask me how Jimmy began creating art? Ask me why we choose to pursue a fashion line? Why do the accessories have a name and why is that important? How do we create fabric?

Check out our website at


Jimmy Reagan sitting with his artwork at Martin Patrick 3 Holiday Party in Minneapolis
where his accessory line is available for sale. FORBES Magazine just named
Martin Patrick 3 one of the hottest shopping venues in the country.

Jimmy Reagan's artwork inspires our TJE accessory line. 
How do we choose? 
What is the process? 
Join AMA Ask Me Anything and Ask Me Anything

Jimmy, Peg  and the crew at the opening of DEBUT at the Mall of America
Jimmy's accessories have also been available at
the Mall of America - DEBUT and Lotus Jewelry and Gifts.
On the runway in Minneapolis
On the runway in Minneapolis

Monday, January 22, 2018

Jimmy Reagan at Lotus Jewelry and Gifts at the Mall of America on January 27th, 2018 from noon to 3pm

Come and see us at  Lotus Jewelry and Gifts at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota on January 27th, 2018.  

We will be at the Lotus Jewelry and Gifts - 216 North in between Ambercrombie and Caribou on the second floor. Artist Jimmy Reagan will be in store from noon to 3pm.  Jimmy's mom, Peg, will be in store all day.  Original artwork and merchandise will be available. New large format acrylic carvings on foam that will be debuted on the 27th. 

Join us!

Check out the Mall of America events calendar and 
Artful Living Magazine Inside the Artist Studio: Jimmy Reagan

Girl from France and Goodbye Ron Acrylic Carving on Foam
Self Portrait Acrylic Carving on Foam


Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 - What a year for Jimmy - gratitude and looking forward to 2018.

Opening night at DEBUT at Mall of America
where Jimmy's art and merchandise were available for sale
Shop for Kindness - a portion of all sale were donated. 

Many days I think to myself life is a roller coaster. As everyone in my family knows, I am NOT a fan of roller coasters. I like routine and predicability. I've always thought that roller coasters are not predictable. But, really they are. When on a roller coaster, you have two choices: one to tense up and scream in fear of the next drop or two - relax and move with flow of the wild ride. Over the last three years, we've been on a family roller coaster with family illnesses, career success, significant behavior challenges with Jimmy and then his wonderful success as an artist. I think that 2017 has taught me to learn to enjoy the ride and stop fighting the things that are not in my control. Peace and happiness can be found in the strangest places when you're open to the experience.

Infusion.....its a breeze!
Thanks to U of MN nursing staff
We struggled this last year with Jimmy's behavior and health. His compulsion seemed to be on steroid. He spent many nights up in search of food.  While eating more food then anyone in the household by a factor of 10, he continued to lose weight.  With Mast Cell disease, balance is so often illusive. We found out that Jimmy's hemoglobin and ferritin levels were excessively low. Due to Jimmy's allergic and GI conditions, iron meds are a challenge.  We tried dietary changes and made limited progress. After much discussion and trials, we started IV iron infusions at the U of MN a few weeks ago.   We are seeing improvements with both behavior and weight. Time will tell if this is a "fix" or something else.

As an artist, Jimmy has created some fantastic pieces in the last year. He has strayed away from his pastels. Clearly, less interested in them in favor of painting and sculpture.  He is a fan of the palette knife and box cutter. Painting large formate paintings and carving on large foam boards.  He is also creating acrylic mono-prints - carving on foam, painting and printing on paper.

"Mary Bird" Acrylic paint on Foam Carving
United Theological Seminary 9-18 to 12-5- 17 and
LA Art Show with bG Gallery 1-10 to 1-14-18

Jimmy Reagan wall of paintings at Martin Patrick 3 Holiday Party. 
Jimmy's mens line is now available at Martin Patrick 3.
The center painting titled, "Brace Yourself" 48"x48". 
Jimmy created a series of boat paintings that all sold this holiday season.
Cowboy mono-prints were very popular as well.

Here is Jimmy's year in review: He had several paintings shipped to New York for exhibition in January.  Beginning early in the year, we began prepping for our experience at DEBUT at Mall of America where we had both Jimmy's artwork and merchandise line available for sale from May 12 to September 10th, 2017. We donated a percentage of sales to the Ann Connelly Memorial Fund at the U of MN Masonic Cancer Center.

Jimmy, his sister, Kelly and 
Thomas Moyers checking out DEBUT. 
June was a huge month for us. June of 2017 was amazing as Jimmy was part of a group exhibition at bG Gallery in Santa Monica, CA.  The Capital Group from Los Angeles also sponsored a Private Client event with six of Jimmy's works featured. Jimmy didn't make the trip to California as he doesn't want to fly these days. He was well represented by his family and many old and new friends in Los Angeles. 

bG Gallery in Santa Monica's Bergamot Station June 2017

Also in June, Jimmy opened a solo show at The Grand Center for the Arts in New Ulm, Minnesota. Twenty-seven of Jimmy's pieces were on exhibition from June 2nd through July 31st.  Here is a link to a news paper article.

Jimmy was at the opening of his show in New Ulm. Here he is with a lovely vase of flowers from the Gallery for the opening.....his painting "Italian Coast" on the cool is that!

We had strong sales at DEBUT and met many new people connected with the store and the Mall of America. Several wonderful opportunities arose from the experience. One such fabulous opportunity came from The Purpose Awards at the Streamys. Jimmy was selected as their first featured artist for the awards show.  Jimmy created a painting titled "Girl from Italia" for the awards show. The painting was featured on the cover of the program with a lovely bio about Jimmy in it. Here is a link to more information -


Jimmy with "Girl from Italia" newly finished for The Purpose Awards at the Streamys in Los Angeles, California in September.  Geena Davis was one of the award recipients. Geena has been a favorite actor of Jimmy's. He wrote her a note and I had the great opportunity to deliver it to her and speak with her for about 45 minutes. I told her that he know thousands of movie lines. Her eyes perked up and she said does he ever say " Be afraid, be very afraid." My son, Patrick was with me as representatives for Jimmy.  We looked at each other and said...ALL THE TIME! She was thrilled. She said it's her most famous line and no one knows she said it....except Jimmy Reagan! 

Jimmy's solo show opened at the United Theological Seminary on September 18th. This was a huge exhibition! Seventy-five pieces in a wide variety of mediums - pastels, painting, 3D sculpture, Foam carvings and mono-prints. We were so proud of this show.  Kevyn Burger wrote a beautful piece about Jimmy in the Star Tribune - Jimmy's artwork became part of the curriculum for the seminary. They hosted a wonderful panel discussion with an outsider art expert.  Here is a link to the discussion -


Supporting those that support us. The U of MN Masonic Children's Hospital hosts an event called FashionFest. It is a celebrity and professional fashion show and sale with a percentage of sales being donated to the children's hospital. This is a wonderful event!  Jimmy's fashion was on the runway and he was able to attend. We have met many new friend at this event throughout the years.  A favorite Through Jimmy's Eyes team member is Ron Johnson. He's a former MN Gopher and NFL football player. He is a KFAN sports talk radio host, host of the PJ Fleck show and is a Vikings Game Day analyst for FOX 9. Ron came to us a year ago after seeing Jimmy's bow ties. Ron has worn them for Vikings game day twice in 2017.  We are so grateful for our friendship with Ron! 

Through DEBUT at Mall of America, we were introduced to Erick DeLeon, the brand manager from Martin Patrick 3 in Minneapolis. This is a 17,000 square foot men's lifestyle store. It is a glorious place to shop. Jimmy's mens line is available for sale at Martin Patrick 3.  They launched Jimmy's men's line at their holiday party on December 7th. Along with his mens line, they featured Jimmy's artwork - 27 pieces....was an incredible evening! 



How lucky is Jimmy! Artful Living Magazine has a lovely piece on Jimmy titled: Inside the Artist Studio:Jimmy Reagan.  I'm often asked how Jimmy works.  This piece in Artful Living Magazine will give you insight into his process.

January 10th through the 14th, 2018, Jimmy will have eight pieces of artwork at the LA Art Show in Los Angeles. He is being represented by bG Gallery in Santa Monica. 70,000 people will walk through the doors of this HUGE art show at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This is a modern and contemporary art exhibition.  I will be in LA for the opening on the 10th hoping to meet some new friends and fans of Jimmy's work.

I need to thank some people who are critical in Jimmy's success. Our family...Kelly, Jack, Patrick, Ned and Brian. Our extended family including Jeff Anderson, Nick and Josh Harrod, Thomas Moyers, Lucy Schneeman, Megan Warnke, Syd Bramer and Allie Wilson all help to create Team Through Jimmy's Eyes. People like Ron Johnson, Mich Berthiume, Martha Dayton, Erick DeLeon, Greg Walsh, Dana Schwinder, Gail Sullivan, Beck Galvez and Rhonda Kapp, Bob Lindell, Maggie and Ryan Sewell, Dan  Swenson-Klatt, Shona Brooks and Shelly Lambert have created important retail opportunities for us. People with passion for Jimmy's art like Om Bleicher,  Kevyn Burger, Amy Fistler, Cindi Beth Johnson, Sheryl Schwyhart, Nancy Quam and Anne Makepeace. Of course, there are our long time partners at Sunfish Cellars who have given us a home for Jimmy's art since 2010....Bill Miller, Mike Dombrow, Hy, Brooke, Kevin and MJ Johnson....always advocating for Jimmy. And finally, Jimmy's doctors Larry Afrin and Alex Khoruts.....without them our lives would be more challenging. 

So, as you can see....this has been a wild year with many good things happening. I'm learning to go with the flow and walk through the doors that open for us. I trust the path....or have learned to. 

If you are so inclined, stop in and thank our partners for their kindness, expertise and vision:
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Artful Living Magazine -
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