Thursday, July 9, 2015

ArtExpo Milano 2015! Fantastic exhibtion!

             ArtExpo Milano 2015!!!!!

Jimmy's Reagan's paintings Two Guys and Man with Sad Face
on exhibit through September 30th, 2015 
Jimmy's brothers, Ned and Patrick, representing him
at Vernissage in Milan, Italy

Here is a link to the Vernissage video:
Jimmy's dad here too!


Space Project of the East End Studios in Milan where, from July 2, 2015 will be held ArtExpoSpace Project of the East End Studios in Milan where, from July 2, 2015 will be held ArtExpo
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For once the Italian art system does not go on vacation. And after auctions and spring fairs,Milano is again in the spotlight for an event that is proposed as a chance for reflection on art, culture and business: ArtExpo 2015 (July 2 to September 26) . Not the usual fair, as the organizers are keen to point, but a project designed for artists, art lovers and collectors can meet, learn and discover all the relationships between art, market and investment , with the aim of laying the foundation of a collector who is really aware . In addition to giving the opportunity to admire the work of some of the most interesting young artists on the international scene.

Appointment in ' East End Milan

Set for 90 days on the premises very British of Space Project of the East End Studios in Milan,ArtExpo 2015 brainchild of Melissa Colangelo and Alan D'Orlando of ArtMeet Gallery and is realized in collaboration with the Gartam Ltd. , an international company specializing in 'investment in art. An alliance that is fully the spirit of this event, which wants to shed light on issues dear to the collector of the XXI century . But also bring the many contemporary art lovers to purchase often seen as a step too hard.
A view of the display, even in the course of 2015 ArtExpo
A view of the display, even in the course of 2015 ArtExpo
For this ArtExpo 2015 is thought to be an environment of mutual exchange between art lover , professionals and artists in order to give to all, the opportunity to discuss with the art world and its rules, discover the artistic production Today, participate in talk of ' Art Investments Forum , see temporary exhibitions (including an interesting focus on art Australian), discover the secrets of the many laboratories with plans and enjoy the thrill of participating in an auction, whose proceeds will then be donated in favor of Heart - Italian Federation of Animal Rights and Environment . Auction organized in collaboration with BaseZero : startup of the auction world launched in December last year and aims to bring to market a new format of sale where the price comes from below, ie by collectors.
All events ArtExpo 2015 with free admission, but applicants must be accredited by writing . And this for one simple reason: to avoid the crowds and have an audience really motivated, so as to make the dialogue lively and productive.

105 artists from 26 countries to feed the mind

"If there is on earth and among all nothing something to worship, if there is something holy, pure, sublime, something that should support this huge desire for the infinite and vague they call soul, this is the art ' He wrote Gustave Flaubert. A poetic vision, of course, that in times of rampant profiteering as those we are living may seem now passed. But it is not so. Although the collector of the twenty-first century does not lose sight of the possible investment, art is still a precious nourishment for the mind and spirit. And the creators of 2015 ArtExpo know that. Always supporters of the social value of art and creativity, Melissa Colangelo and Alan D'Orlando galleryArtMeet , in fact, have selected for the occasion the works of over  100 artists from 26 different countries , all inspired by the theme Feed the Mind / Feeding Minds , chosen by the organizers as a leitmotif of the event.
Another view of the display, even in the course of 2015 ArtExpo
Another view of the display, even in the course of 2015 ArtExpo
An important message and resumes - declined in art - that of Expo Milano 2015 . Important because it brings us back to the art and artists  that, from July 3 to September 26, will be the real stars of an event that will put you in direct contact with collectors and fans who can buy their works also taking advantage of the online platform Artsy . In short, ArtExpo 2015 seems to have all the ingredients to be an event outside the box and certainly have a formula that can help to remove some 'opacity to a world, that of art, which often seems to ward off that attract more fans. Now we just have to wait for the inauguration.
Nicola Maggi
Nicola MaggiBorn in Florence September 16, 1975, is the founder of Tiffany Collection.Professional journalist and historian of art criticism, collaborates with various trade publications for which deals with the art market and cultural economy.