Monday, November 28, 2016

Jimmy Reagan UPDATE!

Artist Jimmy Reagan December SALE
Jimmy will be exhibiting in Hong Kong in March with Studio26NYC at the largest art sale in Asia as well as he will be exhibiting at BG Gallery in Santa Monica, CA in June.
Man of the World - Hong Kong 2017
Barbara - BG Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
Blue Man with Pipe - OMLOG 2017 Brochure

Girl with Hat - Berlin, Factory Art Gallery, OMLOG 2017 Brochure

If that wasn't enough, the Swiss art storage, shipping and cataloguing company, OMLOG, has used two of Jimmy's images in their new brochure. Jimmy's painting, "Girl with Hat" graces the cover of the brochure. Wow, is this great! Hope you can make our December event! We look forward to seeing you! 

Location: Sunfish Cellars
803 Sibley Memorial Hwy. (Hwy. 13), Lilydale, Minnesota 55118

Thursday, December 8th from 10AM to 6PM
Friday, December 9th from 10AM to 7PM.
Saturday, December 10th from 10AM to 8PM with wine tasting from 4PM to 8PM.
Feel free to contact Peg Schneeman Reagan if you'd like to meet at an alternative time. 612-269-9897
Learn more about Jimmy at

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Jimmy Reagan - YouTube video - the making of "Man of the World" - Off to Asia

Here is a video link to the making of Jimmy's painting, "Man of the World."

Direct eye gaze is a hallmark of Jimmy's work. Detail of "man of the World".

Jimmy Reagan's, "Man of the World."

Saturday, November 12, 2016

"Man of the World" is heading to Hong Kong with Studio26NYC - Hong Kong Art Basil

Jimmy Reagan's painting "Man of the World"

What's in a name......."Man of the World" is a traveling to Asia to be part of Art Basil Hong Kong.  As of next spring, Jimmy will have exhibited on three continents.....North America, Europe twice and now Asia.  I've been asked how these opportunities have arisen? Jimmy has a presence on the web and his color speaks to people. We've been contacted by galleries from around the world interested in what Jimmy is doing. His color speaks to the viewer. There is a freedom in his work that is appealing to the viewer. There is a uniqueness in his work.

For years when Jimmy was distressed he'd say, "you're different from the rest, you're different from the rest."  This was always so sad to hear. Until I realized that this is exactly why his artwork is unique. He's unencumbered by what others think of his work....there is freedom in this thinking. When I told him that he was right that he is different from the rest and that makes his artwork unique. I said to him, "Jimmy, if you were the same as everyone else, you're artwork wouldn't stand out." You're unique and this is a good thing. He rarely repeats that line now.

We're grateful for his success and hope that he continues to work in a way that is both meaningful to him and his viewers.