Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Sky is the Limit and the Tide is Turning - these aren't really cliché statements!

Jimmy at the Seven Mpls Sky Bar with his Clear Channel Outdoor billboard. 

I have been in a variety of meetings with people in the autism community  in the last few weeks and I have great optimism for the potential for good things happening here in Minnesota. Partnerships that will greatly benefit families are being forged.  We are coming off our islands in search of each other.  I feel a sense of promise that the ship is finally headed in the right direction.

With the development of Jimmy's art, people see and treat  him differently. Our family has always seen Jimmy as a smart kid with great potential.  But never imagined that his art would be on billboards?  Our challenge has been to help others see him as we do.  This is part of the conundrum called autism. I have written about this with great frequency. It seems as though families with autism are make headway as I am seeing and hearing optimism from providers, teachers, researchers, doctors and employers….it is as though the lights have been turned on.  We seem to all be seeing and hearing things in a different way that I am certain will lead to solutions and improved outcomes for those with autism and their families. So, the tide is turning and I feel like it is about time.

Remember that the sky is the limit and be sure to keep your lights on - it will certainly be beneficial! 

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