Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jimmy's painting and his written remarks from the U of MN WineFest #17 Kickoff October 1st, 2011

Café at Night                                                          
by Jimmy Reagan

Hi   I'm jimmy reagan. I'm eighteen years old and I'm an artist. I chose the painting café at night  to share with you tonight.    café at night - when I   started this painting I decided to use orange, red, and yellow
to show a contrast between the blues and the bright colors. the round yellow stars shine brightly in the night sky.  the small round tables on the patio sit empty.   the café has just closed for business.  the candles in the lantern are still lit showing that customers were just there .   I like to use tick marks. they make a dramatic effect to show where the patio ends and the sidewalks begins.   the café and the shops across from it cast their light onto the darkness of the alley.   the shops are painted a dark blue to show that they are in the shadow.  the café is in bright yellows and oranges because of the moon light shining on it. there are windows with shutters above the café as well as the orange awning show themselves vividly because of the clear night and the bright moonlight.  I hope you like the painting. I am very proud of it. thank you for supporting the arts, the amplatz children's hospital and winefest 17.